First game: Sour grapes of wrath

The first featured game is here! It is an old classic, written by Michael Akers.

First game: Sour grapes of wrath

The Scenario:

One year ago, Robert Killingsworth bought the farm. Six months later, he was dead - leaving his widow, Elizabeth, to tend to their fledgling winery and vineyard on the outskirts of California’s wine country. With mounting debts and no clue as to how to run a business, Elizabeth is desperate to sell the farm and recoup her losses. The fierce drought and shaky economy, however, have left the Killingsworth Farm on the market for far too long.

One early autumn day, six people passed through the gates of Killingsworth Farm to see Elizabeth - one of them, a cold-blooded Killer…

Check out the original game in Michael’s website!