Escape room on your phone

Script brings board games to life. Get together with friends, and play as your characters. Thrilling stories, to spark conversations and help you submerge in the play.

The goal of script is to bring people together and to help them getting to know each other. All this in a simple and fun manner.

There is a new trend to disconnect from the digital. Board games re-live their renaissance, the emerge of escape rooms. People want off-screen fun. #backtoreality

I think the complete abandonment of smart-phones would be an over-reaction. They do offer convenience. We just have to re-think how we utilize their power to embrace the time we spend in real-life.

This is how script was born. Script is a platform and engine for games that operate with minimal user-interaction requirements. The goal is to give instructions and spark conversations in real-life. To bring the games “alive”.

The platform orchestrates everything in the background, but the actual game is played by you and your friends in real life.

Give it a try. I am willing to bet that you’ll love it!